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Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose a contractor?
When you open the yellow pages there are probably over 100 contractors to choose from for installing your roofing project. For a little help on the Top 10 questions you should ask your contractor before booking your project click here.

What shingle should I get?
Depending on what you need the answer to your roofing question will vary greatly. Feel free to check out the asphalt roofing comparison chart. Of course we do have some favorites explained in the various sections on this site.

What type of underlayment should I use?
In recent years the underlayment market has exploded and with so many types available from felt paper to synthetic underlayments it can be confusing to know what to use. In general underlayment is simply a temporary covering while your roof is being laid down. In an ideal world your underlayment will never be tested. There are advantages to using better underlayments especially on longer lasting roofing products to learn more visit underlayments in the roofing accessories section.

Ice and water shield?, What is it? Why do I need it?
Simply put Ice and Water shield is a sticky rubberized asphalt product that is commonly applied to the first 3-6 ft of your roof decking on the eaves edge as well as valleys, and roof protrusions. Ice and water shield is applied as a very strong barrier against water infiltration in the event that your roofing system fails. Check out roofing accessories above to learn more.

How much is a roof?
Remodeling Magazine states that the average nationwide cost for roof replacement is $19,731! Your true cost will depend on the material used and contractor chosen as well as your specific installation requirements. Please refer to the shingle type you are planning on putting on your home to learn more about cost of roof installation.

Ventilation and Insulation? Are these important and why?
Yes, yes, yes!, often the most overlooked part of your roofing system is the ventilation and insulation. Nothing can more quickly ruin even the most perfectly applied roofing than inadequate or improper insulation and ventilation. Please refer to insulation and ventilation for more details.

Repair vs Replacement?
Ah perhaps one of the hardest questions to answer. A general rule would be if it’s going to cost you more than 15-20% of what replacement would be and you are in the last 20% of the expected life of the roof you may want to consider replacement. Instead of putting that money into the repair put it into replacing your roof and you save money in the long run. Of course if your moving in a year and the roof has 5 years left the decision becomes a little more complicated.

Could you explain the installation process and time required to install a roof?
Absolutely!, please refer to the type of roof you are considering above and you will find an overview of installation on each one.

Why is my roof leaking!? Roofs leak for a wide variety of reasons. The most common “leak” seen on a residential or commercial roof is not necessarily your roof shingles or product itself but flashing. Flashing around roof protrusions such as chimneys, pipe boots, satellite dishes, side walls etc… are often a weak point and if not installed properly can become an easy water infiltration source.

What’s the BEST roof to put on my house?
Wow! There is really no straight answer and the real answer is going to depend on your unique situation. If your looking for longevity I’d certainly research the steel and slate roofing options. However, if you plan on living in your home for a shorter period of time perhaps a middle of the road asphalt shingle is the right choice for you.

Does the brand of shingle I choose REALLY matter?
Probably not as much as some contractors would lead you to believe. More important would be the features of whatever shingle you are selecting. Certainly, there can be a case made for going with one brand over another for a variety of reasons such as; color choices, style choices, special features(ie; sealing tab) how long they have been in business etc etc…