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Steel shingles that are coated with roofing granules were invented because of consumers preferences towards a more “normal” looking steel roof. For decades the only “steel” roof homeowners had available to them was what we see on commercial buildings standing seam.

Stone coated shingles are essentially a formed steel base sheet with roofing stone granules impregnated on top to give the panels a more dimensional shingled look to them. They are available in a wide variety of colors but slightly more limited style choices as compared to asphalt shingle roofing products.

Longevity: You can expect stone-coated steel shingles to last in the order of 50 years or so. Although you may notice significant granule loss before that depending on your climate. Even without granules as long as the steel base sheet in intact and not rusted through in any areas you may have a watertight roof beyond the rated life of the shingle.

Stone Coated Roof Pricing Information

If you want this product on your home you are going to have to pay for it.  On top of a much pricier installation due to the slower install time.  You also have to get special accesories such as starters and cap shingles.  Raw material will run you about DOUBLE the cost of asphalt roof at $200-$300 per 100 square feet.

Special Installation requirements: It can be difficult to work with this type of shingle if you have never done it before, or only have experience installing traditional roofing shingles. Most manufactures either highly recommend or require to maintain there warranty a screw down installations. So were looking at installation times that be be double that of other roofing products. This stuff isn’t cheap so you don’t want to mess up due to lack of experience, it may actually save you money to hire a professional on this type of project.

Styles: There is a fair variety of styles that come in stone coated steel shingles including; dimensional looking, architectural, shake, and tile looks. Some of the most popular stone coated shingles are shown below.


Ratings and Wind Resistance:

Stone coated steel panels test very well as a Class A fire resistance panel, wind warranties meeting or exceeding 120MPH and fantastic hail damage resistance to 2.5 inches.