TPO Roofing  Details – Information and Pricing

(thermoplastic polyolefin – single ply)

TPO roofing details for installationTPO roofing membranes are a single ply thermoplastic roofing system primarily used on commercial buildings and very low slope roofing applications. Look below for advantages(pro’s) and disadvantages(con’s) Tpo membranes combine polypropylene (plastic) and ethylene-propylene (rubber) to create a stable membrane that can last over 30 years.

Advantages / Pro’s: One of the main advantages of TPO roofing is it’s heat reflective and energy efficient properties. This is mainly due to its stark white color, however many manufactures have realized the need to implement new colors and are offering tan and gray reflective color options. TPO can be installed to basically any scale with some of the worlds largest building utilizing TPO roofing details systems – it comes in strips typically 8ft 10ft and 12ft wide that are heat welded on site. Another advantage to TPO roofing is it’s price, TPO is often one of the most economical options for a large low slope roofing area. Another distinct advantage to TPO membranes is the simplicity of repairs – You simply cut out the effected region and weld a new piece in it’s place.

Concerns / Con’s: TPO roofing membranes have had a rocky start. Developed in the early 1990’s many manufactures had their own unique formulations. This lead to great inconsistency in the performance of roof especially the weld points. There were many reported seam failures and TPO’s reputation took a hit. Much of the problems were related to not looking into the TPO roofing details and spec’s required by the manufacturer.   Now with the market stabilized many manufactures have assured of their products reliability and promised to have worked out any kinks. The quality of the welds on TPO membrane is extremely important. This is NOT a do it yourself project and professional installation is nearly mandatory. You do not want a “NEW” company or installer welding TPO.

How much is TPO roofing / Cost?

TPO roofing can be a costly venture.  Top of the line TPO roofs can run upwords of $1000/square installed.  However small porches and uncomplicated installs with a thinner TPO can be reasonable with cost averaging $400/square or so nationwide.


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General Information about TPO roofing details and make-up:

tpo roofing colors and detailColors: There are many colors available for TPO roofing however the overwhelming favorite is white.  The white color has the added advantage of being highly reflective and is thereby considered a “cool roof.”

Construction and Durability:  Known as a single ply system, tpo is available in a wide array of thickness from 45 mills up to 90 mills.  It is easy to repair and all seams are hot air welded.  The strength of these welds is amazing, since you are essentially melting the products into each other. It is resistant to tears and impacts.

Installation Methods: There are essentially three ways to install the product – mechanically attached(screwed down with a lip every few feet or as spec ‘d) fully adhered(glued) or loose laid and ballast(no physical attachment to roof deck, rocks or pebbles on top to hold down)  Please check the tpo roofing details section of the manufacturers installation guide before making a final determination on the method you will use on your home.


Self Adhering Installation Video: