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Do you want the longevity and durability of steel without the standing seam commercial look? Steel shingles or shakes may be the right choice for you. They are available in a few different designs and a large array of colors. You won’t quite get the flexibility of shingles but a discerning homeowner should still find something they like.

The following products are painted steel. Now this isn’t the paint you can buy in a can at the hardware store, many use a kynar paint finish or a comparable multiple layer coating process.

The typical panel is interlocking much like vinyl siding if you’ve ever installed it before. Panels width’s vary but remain in that 4ft range, after installed you shouldn’t be able to tell where one panel stops and another one begins. Screw down installation is recommended however, many have had success with ring shank or barbed roofing nails.

Special installation requirements: You need to buy the manufactures recommended accessory products for ridge venting, matching flashing colors, hip and ridge products, eaves and gable edge termination caps etc… You also need some way to cut the metal. Professional installers use a large sheer type machine much like a very large paper cutter, if your hand is strong enough you can use hand held metal sheers. Edge finishing can be of great difficulty if this is your first time working with steel shingle or shake.

A note about hail damage. While hail of steel shingles or shakes is unlikely to actually compromise the roofing system it can quickly create a “golf ball” dimpled effect. The damage should be covered by your insurance company but if your in an area with lots of wind and hail damage you may want to consider alternative roofing solutions.

Wind and Fire Ratings: Every steel shingle we’ve seen here at is Class A Fire Rated and carried a wind resistance warranty of at least 110 MPH.

Options: Options in painted steel shingles and shakes are more limited than asphalt shingle by far. As the market grows more manufactures will start making more available colors and styles. If you would rather have an asphalt shingle look but the durability of steel check out our stone coated roofing section.

Take a look at some samples below to get a general idea of the look and feel of steel shingles and shakes to better determine if they may be the next roof on YOUR HOME.