Review Analysis of EPDM roofing system Mechanical install of EPDM roofing system

What is the black stuff on my porch roof? Is one of the common questions we get asked in the roofing industry. Well it may be built up, modified rubber bitumen or an EPDM rolled rubber roofing product.

EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) roofing systems

have been used in the commercial market for over 40 years and are perhaps the MOST popular roofing product for low slope application on residential and commercial building. It is a quite simplistic roofing system – a single ply rubber sheet that adheres with adhesive is mechanically fastened or in larger application laid loose and covered with stone.

EPDM Roofing Cost of Installaiton

EPDM roof cost vary from region to region and depending on the install.  New construction pricing starting at around $5/square ft.  With speciality installs double that or more.

Styles: Do you like black? Because 95% of all EPDM or rubber roofing material is all black. However some manufactures are producing a white on black EPDM roofing system product with warranty limitations. If your interested in white may we suggest you check out TPO or Other single ply alternatives like Duro-Last.

Advantages: Typically EPDM can be applied to almost any scale project in commercial flat roofing either over an existing roof or as the primary roof. EPDM has proven resistance to hail, wind resistance in excess of 120MPH and great heat/fire ratings. Old EPDM roofs requiring replacement can often be coated to give the roof a little more life before you need a whole new roof.

White EPDM roofing system sheet goodEnvironmental Advantages / Pro’s: Makers of EPDM roofing membranes preach it’s environmental responsibility. Rubber is somewhat environmentally friendly with low intially energy production cost and a long life cycle before neccesary replacement. When you do need to replace the EPDM can be recycled – melted down and reused or cut into strips.

Disadvantages / Con’s: For some consumers the option of black or white in terms of color is not attractive. However there are coatings you can apply to EPDM to make it more suitable. Very few homeowners will take on installing EPDM roofing systems  as the material is primarily used in the commercial industry professional installation is highly reccomended. EPDM roofing can be purchased by just about anyone and there are lots of “fakers” out there that will try to put down a rubber roof but have not been properly trained. Refer to how to select a contractor to make sure you get someone who’s actually experienced in this type of install.


EPDM Installation Video