Aluminum Roofing Cost and Review

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When homeowners start to research metal roofs they often end up seeing something about aluminum roofing. Where aluminum is much less popular than steel it is an option to re-roof your structure. Aluminum roofing is available stone coated much like stone coated steel and in standing seam varieties. Colors are much more limited than what we see in shingles and steel.

Advantages: Aluminum is a very lightweight material which is one of the reasons it is used so much in the aerospace industry but it’s also good for your roof. The less additional weight you put on your roof the better especially if you are going on top of the original shingles. From an environmental standpoint aluminum is great! It is 100% recyclable. The longevity and durability is comparable to steel panels.

Possible Concerns: Aluminum conducts heat and cold at a much greater rate than steel or asphalt shingles. Some experts have expressed concern with the energy efficiency related to these panels, on other hand it is said they actually save you money because of the reflected heat in the summertime. Unless otherwise coated aluminum does damage from hail or other impacts. There just don’t seam to be very many companies installing aluminum or manufacturing it, time will tell if this roofing solution ever becomes mainstream.


Aluminum Roofing Panels Pricing –

Raw Material for aluminum roofing are quite expensive when compared with asphalt style shingles, however expect them to last a bit longer.  $175-$300 Per 100 square feet.


Installation Video for Aluminum Roofing