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$$80 / Square (100 Square Feet)
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  • Malarkey Dura-Seal 20/25
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  • Last modified: November 13, 2014
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Review Summary:

Good Starter 3-Tab Shingle

Malarkey Dura Seal 20 & 25 Review, simple 3 tab shingle

Malarkey Duraseal Shingle Review
  • Malarkey Dura-Seal 20/25
  • Rating: 2.5
  • Price: $80 / Square (100 Square Feet)
  • Reviewed by:
  • Published on: November 16, 2013

Review Summary:

Good Starter 3-Tab Shingle


-Highest Class A Fire Rating -Classic Look -Lightweight and Easy to install -Inexpensive


-Fast fading design in the marketplace -Only 60mph wind rating -Limited design and color options

Malarkey Dura-Seal 20/25 Review

3 Tab shingle clinging onto life:  This line on roofing from Malarkey is the entry level point in terms of price and rarely put on new construction anymore due to the popularity of dimensional shingles.  You do however get some brand name recognition in 3M with this product as they use 3M Colorfast granules for a superior color look and longevity.  As you would expect the warranty on these products is nothing to write home about with the 20 and 25 year numbers really for show.  The Real Start warranty which is really the only warranty worth it on Malarkey products is only 3 years for these particular shingles.  If you are trying to match some existing three tab shingles on just need something cheap for the shed this may be the roofing shingle for you.



-Highest Class A Fire Rating-Classic Look-Lightweight and Easy to install-Inexpensive  Quickly becoming obsolete, no innovation

 Malarkey Duraseal Pricing:

This entry level three tab shingle from Malarkey is available for purchase at right around $70-80 per square.  (100 square feet)

Manufacturer Shingle Brand Features Our Rating 5 Nails Max
Malarkey Dura-Seal 20 Cheapest asphalt shingle offered by Malarkey
Malarkey Dura Seal 25 Slightly thicker than 20 Year version same otherwise.

Good Starter 3-Tab Shingle

$$80 / Square (100 Square Feet)
Editor rating
Rated 2.5 stars
User rating
Rated 3 stars