Wood Shake Roofing/ Cedar Shakes cedar2

Traditional cedar shake roofing is one of the oldest roofing materials available. Cedar shakes are chosen for there natural resistance to rot and insect resistance. They are seen on house all across america and particularly popular in the eastern oceanside states of the United States. Wood shakes come in a variety of styles including fish- scale, cove, and V-cut patterns. They are most often seen in 16″-24″ varsities cut to these widths.


Installation: Cedar shakes are typically nailed to traditional sheathing roofs with standard galvanized roofing nails however, many installers will choose to install w

Advantages / Pro’s: Natural Beauty is probably the number one reason chosen to install cedar shake roofing on your home. In areas like Martha’s Vineyard shakes exposed to ocean air turn a gray color and last last up words of fifty years or more. Cedar shakes can greatly increase the value of a home due to it’s impact and high resale value. You can stain cedar shake roofing to take on different hues and tones to match most designs.ood shake roofing over 1×6 plank decking to aid in airflow around the shingles to prevent moisture build up and allow the roof to “breath” or air out. Some local or regional building codes will require solid sheathing, in this case laying felt over the covered top half of the shingle then onto the roof deck is required. Cedar shake roofing installation is a specialty trade and not for the beginning roofer.

Disadvantages / Con’s: No matter how great a cedar you get you are still working with natural wood. Fire ratings for cedar shakes are no where near other roofing products on the market although they can be treated with products to give them a strong fire retardant. Upkeep: While many homeowners do nothing to upkeep their roof yearly inspections are suggested. While inspecting the roof look for signs of physical where, rot, insect infiltration, splitting of the shakes, shifting of shakes on roof, stain life, and undue moisture. When you go to sell the home some homeowners are weary of upkeep on this natural roof surface. The cost of replacement is easily double if not more than asphalt roofing shingles.

Synthetic Products: With many homeowners liking the look of wood


shakes but not wanting the upkeep have come a variety of synthetic products on the market. There a a few asphalt shingles that try to mimic the beauty of wood shakes roofing as well as steel, and composite roofing. These products do come with a premium price tag but many would argue its worth every penny.