Best roof coating reviews explored

When a new roof is out of your price range or you have a large commercial building you would like to make cooler, coating your existing roof is a popular option.  Below is our brief roof coating review of all the most popular coating available

Acrylic Coatings:acrylic spray roof coating review

If you need to coat an asphalt shingled roof – Acrylic is just about your best option.  This is a sprayed on product that can come in a wide variety of colors  After adhesion it is bonded to the shingled and becomes a semi-flexible waterproof barrier to add years of life to your roof without the expense of re-roofing.  Many have also reported decreased cooling cost as a result of reflective pigments.

Aluminized Roof Coating review:

This is a reflective rood coating applied to a variety of roofing surfaces to help reduce energy cost as well as add year of life to a commercial roofing system.  It is a sprayed on product that contains aluminum.  The aluminum makes the product gray colored and is what give this product it’s reflective properties.  This is a relatively inexpensive roof coating giving new life to cheap built up or modified roofing we have seen in the past.

Liquid EPDM:

A popular choice for recoating, concrete roofs as well as resurfacing standard sheet laid EPDM roofing. It can also be used to coat vinyl, steel, primed wood and fiberglass roofing systems.  With chemical properties nearly identical to EPDM this is a good choice for one coat resurfacing of your roof.  Liquid EPDM requires specialized installers – be sure to get with your local contractor for more information.

Foam Based Roof Coating review:

Foam based coverings have become a ever increasing specialty segment of the market.  Essentially a contractor comes out to your roof with a large spray rig to coat the entire roof with a 1/4″ to 2″ thick layer of waterproof hard cure foam.  Composed of a polyurethane polymer this system also has the added benefit of providing an insulation layer that is often achieved under flat roofs with ISO board.  Because foam is prone to UV breakdown it is highly recommended that you top coat the layer of foam with a aluminized roof coat or other UV reflective coating.

Foam and Urethane roof coating system Video

There is an ever increasing variety of coating product on the market today for your roof.
We have covered the most widely used here.