Rolled Roofing Installation – Homeowner Capable Project

Mineral surfaced rolled roofing is one of the most popular choices in the residential market for low slope applications such as a porNailing a rolled roofing installation Rolled Roofing Install Tan rollsch or shed roof. All the major shingle manufactures make rolled roofing products to match their asphalt shingled counterparts. They are easy to install and look good.

Rolled Roofing Pricing Information – A cheaper alternative

Cost: $30 /roll – $150-250 square installed

Installation: Lets start with a suitable underlayment most commonly you’ll staple down 15lb roofing felt. To now apply some roofing cement and lay your first strip of roofing, nail it in at the top 6-12 inches apart. Use some more roofing cement at the overlap(generally 6″) and lay the next roll. Repeat till your at the top, go up onto any side walls you run into by 12″. **Please consult manufacturer specific installation requirements before installation.

Advantages: COST! This stuff is CHEAP! at around $30.00 dollars a roll you can get 100 square ft of coverage. Relative ease of install. A decent solution for color matching an asphalt shingled roof.

Disadvantages: Well you’ve all heard that saying ” You get what you pay for” it’s certainly true with rolled roofing products. There are often failures at the 5 year mark although some manufactures or professional installers offer up to a 10 year warranty. This type of roof is not meant to be walked upon and doing so can sheer off the granulated surface. In extreme heat and cold the rolled roofing material can buckle and cause unsightly waving in the roof.

 Rolled Roofing Installation Video