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  • Tamko Glass Seal
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  • Last modified: December 16, 2014
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Review Summary:

3-Tab Standard Shingle one of the cheapest on market.

Tamko Glass Seal – A cheap shingle

Glass Seal Shingle pricing
  • Tamko Glass Seal
  • Rating: 2.5
  • Price: $62 / Square
  • Reviewed by:
  • Published on: November 16, 2013

Review Summary:

3-Tab Standard Shingle one of the cheapest on market.


-Economical-Lightweight-Unique Color blends for inexpensive shingle


-Very limited warranty, 3 or 5 Year Full start-Basic design-Limited lifespan

Tamko Glass Seal / Elite Review

Economy and traditional design: 
 This is a very economical and traditionally designed shingles for budget conscious consumers.  Like most three tabs this is a basic shingle with no thrills.  You get a fiberglass mat impregnated with asphalt and stone coated. Somewhat nice is the shingles do have a 10 Year algae resistance guarantee.  One thing we like about the Tamko lineup is the unique color blends even in their bottom line shingles such as these.  Lightweight and easy to install some contractors literally grew up installing this shingle.




Tamko Glass Seal and Elite Pricing Economical Choices

Cost of Glass Seal and Elites range from $65-$85 per 100s q ft.

Manufacturer Shingle Brand Features Our Rating 5 Nails Max
TAMKO Glass Seal Basic 20 Year 3 Tab shingle
TAMKO Elite Glass Seal Slightly thicker with a 25 Year Limited Warranty 110mph wind warranty.