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  • Advanced Technology Premium Dimensional Shingle

owens corning durationsOwens Corning Duration and TruDefinition Duration Review

Premium Lifetime Architectural Shingle:  An upgrade to the Oakridge line of shingles and the best dimensional style shingle you can purchase in the Owens Corning Line Up.  Up until 2012 it was available in the Duration and Duration premium options with the Premium offering a lifetime warranty and deeper colors.  New for 2012 is a revamped version of the shingle which eliminated the popular SURENAIL strip the shingle was known for and is replaced by a woven fabric strip adding strength to where the nails go.  As a slight negative the area to nail as been reduced in size.  This new feature isn’t found in any other manufacture as Owens Corning continues to innovate and make the same old shingle just that much better. Check out this video Owens Corning made about the Duration Shingle with new fabric reinforcement strip here.

Manufacturer Shingle Brand Features Our Rating 5 Nails Max
Owens Corning Duration*** This is the old Duration series shingle no longer available except as left over stock. It was the 30 Year version of the Duration shingle line and still has the Sure Nail Technology they were initially known for.
Owens Corning Duration Premium*** An upgraded version of the original Duration again no longer manufactured. It was a thicker Lifetime or 50 Year Warranted shingle.
Owens Corning Duration Premium Cool Shingles Still available with the SureNail technology in the original Duration shingles this is the Premium Duration in colors that qualify for Cool Roof Designation. They are all lighter in color and will help reflective Solar Heat.
Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration OK, introduced in 2012 this is Owens Corning’s newest and best iteration in the Duration shingle Lineup. It seems OC has abandoned the Sure Nail technology in exchange for a thinner but stronger reinforced fabric strip.
Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration Storm With a more limited color array this is essentially the same shingle with added impact resistance for high hail occurrence areas. An integrated polymeric backing provides the strength.Still being manufactured with SureNail.



*** = Discontinued product line, may still be available as “b” stock, definitely still on homes today.


-Super Strength Fabric strip prevents wind blow offs.130 MPH warranty-Extra very unique colors available in the Designer Color series of same shingle.-Offers deeper color ranges than competing shingles.-MADE by USA company for those is United States seeking a fully home grown product.


-Installers need to adapt to new thinner nailing zone.-More expensive specialty cap shingle recommended.-A bit pricier.