Malarkey Highlander CS & Northwest XL
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  • Malarkey Highlander CS & Northwest XL
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  • Starting Dimensional from Malarkey

Malarkey Highlander CS & Northwest XLMalarkey Northwest shingle pricing

Dimensional Shingles not playing the Lifetime Warranty game:  These are the 30 year and 40 year varieties or architecturally designed shingles offered by Malarkey. While most major shingle makers switched there entry level dimensional’s to lifetime Malarkey has a your choice warranty program.  Essentially it allows you to substitute any other manufacturers “standard” warranty in place of Malarkey’s stated warranty.  The idea here is to choose your shingle based on perceived product quality not “marketing” warranty programs.  For the most part Highlander and Northwest shingles share similar characteristics as other 30 – 40 year type shingles, fiberglass base mat,  asphalt laminated shingle with ceramic granules on top.  Malarkeys differentiation is in the 3M co-branding using both 3M colorfast granules and 3M scotchguard protection for algae resistance.


This is a very nice video about one of the nice features of Marlarkey dimensional shingles which is the wide zone for nailing.  It highlights an important installation point which is that unless you get through both layers of shingle base and overlay mats the chances for leaks and blow-offs are greatly increased.

Malarkey Highlander and Northwest Shingle Pricing

The 30 and 40 year variant of base dimensional or architectural shingle in Malarkeys lineup is a value at $80-$100 per 100 square feet of material in most of the country.

Manufacturer Shingle Brand Features Our Rating 5 Nails Max
Malarkey Highlander CS The entry level dimensional shingle from Malarkey standout feature is Scotchguard protection otherwise pretty run of the mill here
Malarkey Northwest XL Essentially identical to the Highland series with added weight giving a slightly higher standard wind warranty and 10 more years limited product warranty.


-Great dimension look-110 MPH Enhanced wind warranty available-The "zone" nailing area provides larger nailing area for installers


-Much more limited standard wind warranty of 70/80 mph compared to competing "like" products.-Not available nationwide yet-Requires different cap shingle