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  • GAF TImberline HD
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  • Last modified: August 13, 2017
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Review Summary:

North America's #1 selling dimensional shingles.

GAF Timberline Reviews – Popular Dimensional Shingles

  • GAF TImberline HD
  • Rating: 4
  • Price: $130 Square
  • Reviewed by:
  • Published on: November 16, 2013

Review Summary:

North America's #1 selling dimensional shingles.


-BROAD color palette across many lines of this shingle.-GAF earned "Good Housekeeping" seal of approval for their total roof system package.-Popular look and feel.-Excellent Wind Ratings up to 130mph!


-Less educated consumers can become confused about different types of "Timberline" shingles.-Although "Lifetime" warranty unless installed by a GAF Master Elite contractor, warranty is pro-rated after 10 years and only for material.-Some contractors have complained about GAF taking weight out of the shingle in recent years(GAF claims this as a positive with less and better technology doing more)

Many versions of the Timberline shingle from GAF all pretty good.

Popular Architectural Shingle for all tastes:  Given the wide range of options apparent in the Timberline line of shingles homeowners have a large variety of options and features throughout this shingle.  Much like the Landmark Series from Certainteed many “models” of Timberline exist depending on what you are looking for.  However they all share the new Lifetime Warranty and same dimensional look. Perhaps the most common shingle on homes in North America based on production volume the Timberline HD(formerly Prestique 30).  Being the biggest has its advantages including easy to find qualified installers and a financially stable company to stand behind warranty claims. Although all the shingles in this line have GAFs(new for 2012) lifetime warranty they are not all created equal.  While not changing the product on previous 30 year versions but increasing the warranty you are not suddenly getting a better product – we believe some marketing is at play here.  Nonetheless you do now have that assured protection as long as you meet warranty stipulations such as proper installation, ventilation and environmental factors.

Manufacturer Shingle Brand Features Our Rating 5 Nails Max
GAF Timberline HD(Prestique 30) Most common shingle in America- proven value performance.
GAF Timberline Ultra HD(Prestique Lifetime) The previous Lifetime version of Timberlines – now with same warrantybut still a much better product – thicker and longer lasting/
GAF Timberline Natural Shadow Claiming to be a “wood shake look” we don’t see it, this is the same profile as otherTimberline shingle but with different color gradients resulting in deeper shadow.  A good shingle.
GAF Timberline American Harvest The truly unique color blends here cannot be found anywhere else.
GAF Timberline Cool Series Energy Star qualified roofing product with reflective granules-generallylimited color options and all light spectrum offerings.
GAF Timberline Armor Shield II Class 4 Impact Resistance may qualify you for lower insurancepremiums and protects your roof during hail storms.

North America's #1 selling dimensional shingles.

$$130 Square
Editor rating
Rated 4 stars
User rating
Rated 3.47 stars