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    I bought my mobile home 3 years ago from a guy who told me that the whole place has a new roof. So did the women who works at the office. We have had nothing but leaks from this roof. According to this roofer we are tying to hire it was improperly installed because it just blew over from one side of the house to the next in the kitchen and living room area with that storm we had last Thursday.

    So… we contacted the roofer last Thursday… he wasn’t able to come out until Sunday… When he came out he didn’t even bring a ladder or a tarp… Then he said the earliest he could get back to us with a price estimation was Tuesday (He said it would be in the thousands)… no call yet…our roof is still exposed over our living room and kitchen area, with insulation blowing out of it, and it is rainy outside. We’re both crippled and every cent we have will have has to go towards the roof… does this guy know what he is doing?! Should I not even hire this guy????!!!! What should he be doing??? I’ve never dealt with a roofer or contractor of any sort ever before… We live in North Western Indiana, please help!

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