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    Hi. And thankyou for this site ; )
    I have a new architectural roof. Tear off and redone in one day. Amazing. I’ll try to be brief and Id rather not give names. (Everyone deserves a chance to make things right)
    I immediately noticed the drip edge (had to look it up lol) It looks horrible. I spend alot of time outside and I’m pretty familiar with the asthetics of our house. My husband unfortunately..not so much. Lol. He did the final (extremely quick)walkdown with the contractor because well, I had no idea what to look for. Shingles are on, seems in order to me. Not so much. I have now done a lot of research as far as differences i noticed. Valley weave vs straight edge, ridge vents, drip edge etc. I even walked the neighborhood looking because i am Positive our drip edge didn’t look like this before. Looks like rats chewed it to cut!
    I have learned enough to know different ways to do the corners, and I’m convinced someone had no idea what they were doing. But I’ve also learned it is quite difficult so. Aesthetics aside, my question is to the integrity. Will it be ok?
    We have had a few days of rain and some things just dont seem right. Water is coming from under bottom edge for example as opposed to straight down the side if that makes sense? And it seems the bricks under the covered porch are wet. And dry when rain stops. This is also new. I have many pics. Thankyou for any advice you can give.

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