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  • Last modified: December 7, 2013
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  • Premium Shake Style Shingle. Long Lasting Heavy. Pricey.

Certainteed Presidential Shake Shingle Review

Presidential Shingle Reviews


Very Unique Staggered Shake Design:  When you get into this type of roofing product you are certainly a discerning homeowner.  At on average two to three times the cost
of standard asphalt shingles these are for those wanting a high end look and feel. With very deep shading an an enhanced texture this roof can stand up to large house designs while creating a complementing focal point for roofscapes. Comprised of double laminated layers this is one tough shingle that is built to last.




Manufacturer Shingle Brand Features Our Rating 5 Nails Max
Certainteed Presidential Shake Beefy and awesome looking shingle capable of providing a true lifetime of performance.
Certainteed Presidential Shake Impact Resistant Same as standard with added bonus of being rated for impact resistance. In a limited array of colors.
Certainteed Presidential Shake TL Some may call it overkill, but this has the same look but a deeper profile due to THREE laminated layers coming in at 480 lbs per square!


-Staggered rustic profile emulating cedar shake roofing.-355 lbs per square / extremely durable-High Resale Value-Good Array of Color Options


-Because of rarity due to high price, more difficult finding an installer with experience in installing this shingle line.-It's a back-breaker to install and hard to cut.-Unique look may be out of place on many homes